Elect Rob Adams

Shepherdsville City Council

Senior Manager, Global Systems and Integration

Shepherdsville, KY




Bullitt County Greenway Report by University of Kentucky

Bullitt County Planning and Zoning KY245 Tourism District

Bullitt County Tourism Overlay Boundary


I am Rob Adams and running for Shepherdsville City Council. I've lived in Bullitt County most of my life and Shepherdsville for several years. I attended Cedar Grove Elementary, Shepherdsville Middle School, and Bullitt Central. From there, I went to Sullivan University and then served in the Marine Corps. My degrees are in IT and Business Management.

I've held numerous leadship roles throughout life. Currently I am Senior Manager, Global Systems and Integration at a Logistics Company. I manage the onboarding of our customers consisting of major brands apparel, home improvement, and sporting goods. I manage our global teams to integrate our systems with those of our customers. We have a very diverse team and offices all over the globe.


I live here in Shepherdsville with my wonderful family; my wife, two daughters and a grandson. Of course I have an extended family and friends here as well.

I believe in the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. I have a unique experience with religion as my dad's family is Old Baptist and my mom's side of the family is Roman Catholic. I am guided by my faith.

Planning and Vision

I research things that other cities of our same size and demographic are doing. There were studies by UK regarding Bullitt County. There is also the tourism overlay that is really popular with Shepherdsville citizens today. There are links to those studies and overlays on this page and I encourage everyone to take a look. Our vision should include many of the features described in each. Our goal is to make Shepherdsville a nice place to visit and a better place to live. We need more things for people and familes to do. We need to attract sit down restuarants and family attractions that will be in line with the tourism overlay.

With proper planning, we'll develop areas with a pleasing aesthetic. For example, CVS pharmacy wanted to build a cookie cutter store in Davidson, NC. The city government of Davidson conditionally agreed; but told CVS to bring their building to the curb, build a two story building, and put parking in the back. CVS was reluctant, but agreed. The aesthetics of Davidson's downtown district was retained. We need to get the hometown feel of Shepherdsville back.

When there is a vision and proper planning is applied, everything flows easily. Project Management and budgeting skills sees the project through to completion. Once a project is complete, the asset should be maintained correctly and continuously improved. This involves a team that can share the vision and work together for the common goal. The team may not agree on everything but teamwork makes the dream work. Perception is reality and the perception of many of our citizens is, within in our city government, we have no cooperation, constant conflict, and everyone pulling in different directions. The result is neglect and deterioration with nothing getting done. We're going to change that!

The best word to describe Shepherdsville today is cumbersome. We must battle traffic and trucks to get where we need or want to go, and most of the time, that is outside of our city. It feels like it's just a place to live and not a home. We need solid sports programs for our youth so they can explore their talents. We want things for the entire family to do. There’s little sense of community if our citizens must go out of town in different directions to do things they want to do. It seems like everything that has been built here has been thrown together with little regard for families, traffic, and maintenance. We need to work on sewers, repave roads, and due to the annexes, our Fire, Police, and Public Works Departments have been spread out; all of which needs to be addressed. When we run this city like a business, we're going to look at creative new ways to generate revenue for our city and make sure your tax dollars are not wasted. We have to fix what needs to be fixed AND get the things our citizens want and need.

Many of you who work in Manufacturing have heard of the KAIZEN method of continuous improvement. I want to apply this method to the city, and I encourage community involvement. After all, a government should work for the people. I will work for you, Shepherdsville. It will be contagious!

It is also important to inventory our assets as a city and build a plan to compliment those assets. We are in close proximity to Knobs State Park, The Bourbon Trail, a river, and historic landmarks, all of which could attract businesses such as Great Wolf Lodge, an Aquarium, The Village Shoppes in Gatlingburg (outdoor mall), and the list goes on. There are many smaller projects in mind to give our citizens of all ages a place to have fun without leaving the city. Vision and planning are necessary in order to market ourselves to attract the kinds of things the people want. You can always email, text, or call me and I hope to see you all along the campaign trail as well as the numerous meet and greets we have.

I have a lot of family and friends in this city and we're all aligned on making Shepherdsville great. I haven't met or talked to all the candidates personally but several have good ideas and I can't wait to work with them more closely. José Cubero reached out to me and I am really impressed with his vision and leadership skills. José will make an excellent Mayor. I encourage you all to get to know the people representing you so you're an informed voter in November. With my business sense and project managment skills, I will get things done. It's going to take teamwork on our part and I want to hear your input as you are the community we represent. I will work for you, Shepherdsville! Come back often for updates.